Overview Overview

The platform is designed to help Exhibitors attending the fair to expand their business, by selecting the most interesting Buyers for their market.

My Matching has been studied for all types of Exhibitor, and offers a variety of services tailored to the size of the stand requested. The service can also be used by a team of people belonging to the same stand1.

For Exhibitors, two types of users are contemplated: Event Contact and Collaborator.

Access to the platform is by invitation, and is governed by the conditions established by each Organisation Office.


Event Contact

The Event Contact is the contact provided by the Organisation Office when the company registers for the Event2.

What can the Event Contacts do?
  • Manage one or more companies
  • Manage and fill in the company profile.
  • They can decide whether to assign the agenda to themselves or to one of their collaborators, by inviting him/her onto the platform
  • They can view the complete list of buyers


What can’t the Event Contacts do?
  • Use the agenda, if they have assigned the company’s only available agenda to a collaborator



The Collaborator user is activated once an Event Contact uses their account to attribute the agenda to another profile.

  • Collaborators are invited by the Exhibitor Contact when he/she decides to assign an available agenda to them.
  • They receive an e-mail invitation from the platform, containing the link to fill in their personal profile.
  • To access the platform, they must use their own e-mail address and the password chosen for the registration process.
  • Collaborators cannot edit the company profile.


Note: When the Exhibitor Contact invites a Collaborator, he/she chooses a username for the Collaborator and indicates the e-mail address to send the link to for registration on the platform.


1 The number of collaborators that can be activated for each stand depends on the number of agendas assigned. The rule followed by My Matching is: 1 agenda for each account. If you have used up all the agendas assigned to you, contact the Organisation Office for your event.

2 Access for the Event Contact User is the same as the access for the reserved page on the Fiera Milano CRM, linked to the e-mail address the notifications on the event are sent to.