Appointments Appointments

Appointment management is the key activity of your My Matching #Agenda. Here we’ll be explaining how to:

  1. Request an appointment
  2. Manage appointment requests


Requesting an Appointment

  1. On the profile of an Exhibitor, click on

    You cannot request an appointment with an Exhibitor unless the Exhibitor has activated their agenda. If the Exhibitor hasn’t yet done so, you can invite them to activate the agenda by pressing .

  2. Choose the available time slot that suits you best

    This view shows your agenda and the agenda of the other user, overlaid to show the time slots both of you have free.

  3. Check the date and time of the appointment and confirm to send the request

  4. Wait for the other user to confirm or decline the appointment request.

    It is advisable to visit My Matching daily to get the most out of the platform.


Managing Appointments

Appointments to be managed can be viewed in two ways:

  1. Using the Notification function on the User Bar
  2. Using the MY AGENDA widget on the My Matching Dashboard

To manage appointment requests, click on VIEW APPOINTMENTS .

The screen that appears shows you your agenda with all the appointments, both those already confirmed and those still to be managed.

On this screen, you can:
  • Look for and filter appointments
  • Manage appointments using the action buttons
  • Export the agenda in PDF format
  • View the agenda as a calendar


Actions for managing Appointments

  •  Confirm
  •  Reschedule
  •  Decline / Cancel


Status of Appointments

  •  Confirmed  the request has been accepted by the other user
  •  To confirm  you have received a request you must Confirm, Reschedule or Decline
  •  Waiting for Response  you have sent the request to the other user
  •  Cancelled  the appointment has been Cancelled
  •  Declined  the request has been Declined
  •  Done  the meeting has Done